I wish I were a girl again, half savage and hardy, and free.

Summary – A dark tale of obsessive love and passion on the Yorkshire moors.

The Perfect Drink – We think Wuthering Heights would work well with a hot, robust cup of Rooibos tea – something with peaty, earthy flavours to compliment the elemental landscape of the book. Avoid a Rooibos with a sweet flavouring (vanilla and orange are common), and by no means add any milk or sugar; you need something stripped back and a little bit smoky.

The Perfect Snack – This isn’t a book that dwells much on the pleasure of food, so you wouldn’t want to pair it with anything frivolously sweet or creamy. We recommend a slice of Yorkshire parkin – hearty without being indulgent. With uncompromising flavours of black treacle and gingerbread and a dense, stodgy texture, this no nonsense dessert would be the perfect accompaniment to Brontë’s bleak classic.

The Perfect Place – This is probably a winter book, the kind that should be read in a warm room while it rains outside. However, Mary once read it after two weeks in Marrakech and found its blustery wetness to be the perfect antidote to too much sun.

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