How odd, that light should prevent one from seeing.

Summary –A wireless operator on a scientific expedition to the Arctic becomes convinced that something is lurking in the dark of the polar night. 

The Perfect Drink – The deep, smoky flavours of a lapsang souchong would complement this dark, cold book. Savour its rich smokiness and imagine warming your hands above a smouldering wood fire in the depths of an Arctic winter.

The Perfect Snack – You’ll need a warming comfort food to sustain you as you read about the sparse and snowbound world of Dark Matter. Try a hearty lentil soup, eaten with hunks of soft, buttered bread and pieces of sharp mature cheddar. The lentil soup should be thick and fragrant with spice for added heat. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, try a warm cinnamon roll, studded with raisins and nuts and topped with a sticky sweet glaze.

The Perfect Place – Read this during long, dark winter nights. Dark Matter has given us both a lifelong fear of sitting in a lighted room while its dark outside – it’s hard for you to see out, but anyone can see in!

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