Beauty made you love, and love made you beautiful.

Summary – Elizabeth von Arnim’s novel follows four women who escape their drab and dreary lives for the promise of ‘wisteria and sunshine’ in a remote Italian castle.

The Perfect Drink – The book is drenched in luscious descriptions of spring flowers coming into bloom, so we think a cup of fragrant jasmine tea would be a perfect accompaniment. It’s particularly fitting because tea is something of a battleground in The Enchanted April – Mrs Arbuthnot and Mrs Fisher wage an exhaustingly polite war over whose job it is to pour!

The Perfect Snack – The Enchanted April is full of luxuriant prose, so treat yourself to something a little indulgent. We recommend meringue – dipped in melted chocolate with thick whipped cream and chopped nuts, or served with fresh, juicy summer fruits. The crisp shell of the meringue melts in the mouth, just as the hardened women of The Enchanted April soften in the perfect beauty of San Salvatore. The book is full of sweetness – flowers coming into bloom, fruit ripening on the vine – a perfect match for the melting sweetness of meringue.

The Perfect Place – This is definitely a spring or summer read, ideal for a sun-warmed garden full of flowers. It would also be perfect to read just before going on holiday – it will make you even more excited to get away!

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