If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more

Summary – The spirited, spoiled Emma Woodhouse attempts to match-make, but discovers that the heart can be unpredictable.

The Perfect Drink – We recommend an ice cold jug of cloudy lemonade – refreshing, thirst quenching and tart with citrus. Its sweet-sour tang is a perfect match for Emma, who is not always an entirely likeable heroine.

The Perfect Snack – We think strawberries and cream are the perfect snack for Emma. The book contains a memorable strawberry picking party, during which the group calls strawberries ‘the best fruit in England – every body’s favourite – always wholesome’. Mrs. Elton advocates gathering your strawberries early in the morning for maximum enjoyment. However you procure them, we recommend eating your strawberries coated in cream, with sugar for sweetness. Its a dish that’s at once fresh, sharp, sweet, homely, and quintessentially English – ideal for Emma.

The Perfect Place – In our opinion, Emma is a summer book. Read it outside on a warm, cloudless day – take a picnic with you! Hopefully yours will be more successful than the one Emma takes to Box Hill…

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