One man can no more see into the mind of another than he can see inside a stone.

Summary – Roderick Macrae commits a brutal triple murder in his remote crofting village. Now Roderick’s advocates and enemies must establish whether he was insane when he committed the bloody act.

The Perfect Drink – His Bloody Project calls for a hot drink that’s robust, peaty and elemental, like a Pu-Erh tea. It’s an dark, fermented Chinese tea with a vegetal and earthy flavour – perfect for a book in which a small community is hemmed in by a wild and uncompromising landscape. The tea, with its flavours of moss, wood and earth, will help you to evoke the remote Highland hamlet of Culduie in which Roderick lives and commits his crimes.

The Perfect Snack – This is no place for rich or showy food – the characters in His Bloody Project must earn every meal with hard physical labour. We recommend a bowl of thick, oaty porridge – hearty and sustaining, especially when made with a generous splash of cream. You could swirl in a little whisky for some  much needed warmth – it will also bring to mind a prolonged, whisky-fuelled scene in which Roderick’s narrative is at its most unreliable. Add honey for sweetness, and top with blackberries – their bloody, deep red juice will be entirely appropriate here.

The Perfect Place – Read this during the ‘black months’ (winter) in order to fully appreciate the darkness and privation of Roderick’s life, and the wild hostility of the world in which he lives. This is a book to read when nature is at its most sparse, harsh and uncompromising.

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