There is no life up here.

Summary – Five men attempt to scale Kanchenjunga, the most unforgiving mountain in the world, following a disastrous expedition undertaken by their mountaineering heroes. Facing the physical and psychological torment of altitude sickness, the lines between reality and imagination become dangerously blurred.

The Perfect Drink – Supplies are limited on the climb, and simple essentials are held in high esteem. In particular, the climbers come to relish the restorative qualities of a hot, strong cup of English Breakfast tea. It’s easy to take this staple for granted, so really try to see past its familiarity and cherish your cup. Drink yours piping hot, swirled generously with milk or cream.

The Perfect Snack – A big slab of Kendal Mint Cake is a perfect accompaniment to Thin Air. It’s a climbing essential, with a cold, bitingly fresh flavour that will bring to mind the alpine breezes that tear across the peaks of Kanchenjunga. For something a little more substantial, try deep-pocketed crumpets oozing with butter and jam. Simple yet indulgent, this snack recreates the lavishly buttered chapatis that Stephen eats during his climb.

The Perfect Place – Unsurprisingly, this is a winter read! Try to read it on a bright and clear-skied winter’s morning, at once bitter and refreshing. This hybrid weather will call to mind the conditions on the mountain, where temperatures fluctuate wildly and the protagonists can go from huddling in their climbing gear to stripping to their shirt-sleeves in a matter of minutes.