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So, here are 7 facts about us…

As you probably know, there are two of us here at Milk & Honey! We’re Alice and Mary, and we’ve been best friends for 15 years. We met at primary school in Windsor, where we both grew up (and where Alice still lives). Here’s a picture of us as children, with Alice’s little sister Lucy. As you may notice, Mary and Lucy look much more alike than Alice and Lucy! This is something that has baffled us for years….


Alice has two working cocker spaniels. Unsurprisingly both were named with the Brontës in mind! Keeper was the name of Emily Brontë’s mastiff, and Pilot is the name of Mr Rochester’s dog in Jane Eyre.


Keeper is an ‘orange roan’, which means his fur is the colour of milk and honey!


He may look cute, but don’t let that fool you – he’s a nightmare! Just a few months ago he had to go to the vets because he ate his entire lead. This is all that was left:


He is also eerily good at climbing…


We have a combined total of 40 copies of Jane Eyre… Here’s Alice’s long suffering sister carrying some! She’s four years younger than us, but she judges us a lot.


We go on holiday every summer to the Scottish highlands – that’s actually where we came up with the idea for our blog, as something to take our minds off a horribly rainy walk! It’s also why so many of our posts come with pictures of beautiful Scottish beaches! It’s a wild and beautiful place to read – although lacking in gourmet cuisine (unless you like fried Mars Bars!)


Alice and Mary love Goodreads, and have used it for years! Recently we’ve been taking part in the Goodreads reading challenge, setting ourself the target of reading 50 books in a year. It’s hard but fun – we highly recommend it!


As well as working on our blog, we write fiction together! We recently wrote a radio play that will be turned into a podcast soon, and we’re working on a novel.


As you may have noticed, we’re both vegetarian! That’s not to say that we don’t love food – as you can tell from our blog, it’s one of our very favourite things. There’s a special place in our hearts for cheese … Mary once ate an entire block of feta in one sitting. Despite our frequent references to tea, Mary is also tragically caffeine free! Due to her migraines she had to give up tea and coffee, so she writes about it, rather wistfully, from memory.


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