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Summary – Jonathan Harker visits Count Dracula in his Transylvanian home. Initially enticed by Dracula’s manners, Harker soon comes to realise that the count has taken him prisoner, and that there is something very strange about his captor…

The Perfect Drink – Blood orange juice is the perfect companion to this classic. With its vivd red colour and tart, uncompromising flavour, it provides a delicious and (thankfully) non-cannibalistic alternative to human blood! If you’re really in the Halloween spirit, make yourself a spiced punch with cherry juice, cinnamon, cloves and ginger, cut through with a fiery kick of chilli. The heat and spice will warm you while you read about icy Transylvania and coastal Whitby.

The Perfect Snack – Stoker’s story is full of sparse and isolated landscapes, so you’ll want an elemental and earthy snack to enjoy alongside his descriptions. As soup is a staple of the Transylvanian diet, make yourself a thick and chunky stew full of seasonal vegetables.Be sure to lace it with plenty of garlic to keep the vampires at bay! Bram Stoker’s Dracula is the first novel to recommend the bulb as a vampire repellant – in Dracula, the only way to kill a vampire is to cut off its head and fill its mouth with garlic. Top your soup with a generous sprinkling of red pepper, for heat, and eat it with thick slices of dark, nutty rye bread.

The Perfect Place – We love Stoker’s Dracula and re-read it every year to get in the mood for Halloween. We just regret that we haven’t yet seen a film adaptation that does the book justice! The scene on the boat with its dwindling crew is a perfect horror story in itself. Read in the run-up to Halloween – or on the day itself! – to get back to the roots of All Hallows’ Eve…

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