I have seen wicked men and fools, a great many of both; and I believe they both get paid in the end; but the fools first.

Summary – David Balfour, a young Lowlander, is tricked by his uncle and falls into the company of roguish Jacobite Alan Breck. The pair become unlikely friends as they’re chased through the Highlands by English soldiers.

The Perfect Drink – Lemon tea sweetened with honey would be a good match for Kidnapped. It’s both sharp and sweet – perfect for a novel in which peril and hardship are counterbalanced by a warm, funny and affectionate friendship.

The Perfect Snack – Porridge is the obvious choice here – along with small beer, it’s what sustains David and Alan on their journey. Although porridge in Kidnapped tends to be a rough and ready affair (it’s often cold, inedible, or forced on you by scheming uncles), you could make yours a little more luxurious. Thicken it with cream, drizzle it with heather honey, spike it with whisky, top it with sweet berries – and above all, be grateful that you’re not living on limpets like David on the isle of Erraid. If you fancy something a little sweeter, you could try cranachan. It’s a luxurious Scottish pudding made with toasted oatmeal, whisky, honey, whipped cream and fresh raspberries. Kidnapped is set in summer when the raspberries would have been particularly ripe and sweet.

The Perfect Place – Kidnapped is a book full of adventure, windswept and wild. Of course, it would be wonderful to read it in the Highlands, surrounded by heather and mountains. A similar effect could be created, however, by reading it on a bright but crisp day in early autumn.

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